CHURCH CATALOGUE: A Catalogue Of Books Relating To The Discovery And Early History Of North And South America, Forming a Part of the Library of E.D. Church (complete set, 5 volumes)

COLE, George Watson (compiled & annotated by)
Published by New York, Peter Smith 1951
SKU: 8763
Reprint (1st published 1907), lge 8vo, Vol I: pp478 Americana 1482-1590, nos. 1-204; Vol II: pp478A-948, Americana 1590-1625, nos. 205-407; Vol III: pp949-1448, Americana 1626-1676, nos. 407A-649; Vol IV: pp1449-2000, Americana 1677-1752, nos. 650-983; Vol V: pp2001-1635, Americana 1753-1884, nos. 984-1385 & Index. Many illustrations throughout of original titles pages etc. Pink cloth, VG Set.

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